How To Choose The Best Crossbow Bolts For Archery And Hunting

How To Choose The Best Crossbow Bolts For Archery And Hunting

Imagine that the deer is in front of you and you are all prepared to pull your crossbow. In such a situation, the last thing you need is poor crossbow performance. If you think that using a crossbow is a child’s play then, you couldn’t be more wrong than that. Trying to get close to your target with the aim of killing shot requires some serious skills along with good archery equipment like the best monoculars.

That’s because if you are using bad quality archery then, all your efforts may go in vain within a moment of time. The most important thing to consider while hunting or practicing with a crossbow is the selection of the crossbow bolt. To get the best performance out of your archery equipment, you need the best crossbow bolts. This will provide you with maximum energy transfer when you pull the string. But choose a wrong crossbow bolt, and everything will get flawed within a moment. So, you can see that how crucial a crossbow bolt is for archery equipment.

Picking the Right Crossbow Bolt

Nowadays, you will get a variety of bolts on the market. But you need to make sure that you get only the best one for your equipment. Or else all your efforts will be of no use. Speaking of bolts, we have listed here a few tips following which you can get the right bolts for your crossbow. Here you go with it:

1. Check Manufacturer’s Guidelines and Warranty:

Almost all the manufacturers provide specific guidelines for you to know that which specific bow suits their bolts. It is important that you follow those specific guidelines because they are being provided to you for a reason.

Before you buy bolts, you should know that the manufacturer holds the primary knowledge about the bolts produced by them. Therefore, they understand the best that what kind of bolts you need or which bolt will suit your crossbow the best. So you can rely on them while selecting bolts for your crossbow.

If you do not follow the guidelines that come with the bolts, then the warranty is void for that item. That’s because when you use a product which is not compatible with the bolts chances are there that the product may get damaged and therefore, it will no longer be covered by the warranty.

Also, using a different product with different bolts can bring injury or damage to your crossbow. Therefore, to maintain the quality of your bow, you should only use bolts that are meant for your bow particularly.

2. Choose Between Aluminium And Carbon Bolts

Usually, the shafts of bows are made from either carbon fiber or aluminum. Now it’s up to your personal preference that which one you would go for. Most shooters tend to go for aluminum bolts as they are cheaper. But the main problem with aluminum bolts is that they are not that durable. On the other hand, carbon fiber shafts are stronger and better than the aluminum ones. And also they provide better penetration than the other ones. And not forget that carbon fiber shafts are any day more durable than those made of aluminum.

So before, you decide to buy a bow you better keep all these points in your mind so, that you can get the best of the product for yourself. However, if you are looking forward to buying a bow for temporary archery practice then, you can obviously go for the aluminum ones as they are less expensive.

3. Determine The Weight Of Your Bow

​The weight of your crossbow is yet another thing to consider. The less the bolts weigh, the faster they fly and in a straight direction. But when you use heavier bolts then it flies slowly because there are more resistance and kinetic energy in heavier bolts.

To make the right choice, you need to know that which crossbow bolts work the best in which particular situation. Like for instance, there are lightweight, heavyweight and standard weight crossbow bolts available on the market.

Now, understanding which one to use when is up to you. Usually, lightweight bolts are used to increase the speed. Standard weight bolts are used to maintain a balance between speed and kinetic energy. While heavyweight bows have the most kinetic energy and thus, they are slow in performance. However, they can create a hard-hitting performance.

4. The Right Nock For Your Bow

Another important thing is the nock of your bow. It is a small piece which is found inside the back of the shaft. The nock is generally made of aluminium or plastic. It is there to provide the connection between the bolt and the string. Therefore, choosing a good quality nock is important so, that it can provide optimal energy transfer. Also, you need to make sure that the nock you are purchasing for your bow matches with the specific guidelines provided with your bow by the manufacturer.

5. The Length of Your Crossbow Bolt

And the last thing that you need to make sure is that the length of your crossbow bolt is right. A crossbow bolt measures between 16-24 inches. It is important that you get the bolt of the right length because the length of the bow affects the overall performance. That’s because the longer the bolt, the heavier it is. And according to theory, a shorter bolt can fly much faster than a longer one. Therefore, getting the right sized bolt is also of utmost importance.

If you do not want your performance to get affected then, its better that you follow all the above-given tips when it comes to buying the best crossbow bolts. So make sure that next when you go to get bolts you remember all these points.

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