Best Hunting Games You Need To Try

Best Hunting Games You Need To Try

Computer hunting games have had a long journey since the first one in 1984. The fundamentals of these games have not changed a bit, but the overall experience has had a significant improvement. Whether you are a professional gamer or just starting, these games will keep you thrilled and entertained for hours. Here are some of the best ones.

Big Buck Hunter

This games will surely convert you into an authentic redneck with all the stereotypes, moonshine, and banjos. It has amazing graphics and allows you to tweak the controls to suit your playing preferences. It has not much in terms of story or complexity and will get you addicted in no time.

Cabela’s Big game Pro Hunts

The latest from Cabela has more content and tells the story with amazing graphics. This single player game will transport you to the big game hunting grounds of continental North America and guide you through the challenges. Collect trophies and open new gaming grounds for more challenges.

Remington Alaska super slam hunting

The game is available for PC players and has adequate challenges for the beginner and intermediate hunter. If you are a hardcore gamer, the game may appear too easy. You may find the Wii rifle attachment a bit difficult to configure for the best performance. However, once you get it right, you can have so much fun. The game’s interface is user-friendly and is perfectly balanced for excitement and relaxation.

Hunting Unlimited

You will love the vast hunting grounds available in this game even though its graphics may be a bit aged. There is so much in animal availability and hunting weapons, making it an excellent choice as a hunting simulation. You can go through it with the free to try version, then upgrade to the pro version at a small cost.​

All of the Wild

Both the Hunter and its companion, the Call of the wild is designed to build up the tension and create real hunting anticipation, you will believe you are really hunting in the wild. It has a beautifully rendered environment that gives a top-notch simulation for the best hunting game experience. The game is available for free play online or you can subscribe for more options. It features online multiplayer where hunters work together in bringing down a big game. This game creates a real-life hunting experience with the need to track, wait, and skillfully aim to get the elusive prey. It is so much fun you will get addicted to the game.​

Hunting Simulator

This game takes a realistic approach to hunting and will guarantee you a fulfilling experience. It is available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 and has an enormous amount of land across 12 distinct areas. You have 111 missions in this game that allows you to take different approaches to hunt various animals. This game encourages patience and skillful hunting that at the end of the hunt, you will feel the sense of satisfaction after the very hard work.

Deer Hunter

This hunting game is different since it is played on mobile devices. It allows you to move with your fun wherever you go. Both Android and iOS users can enjoy playing Dear Hunter anywhere. Even though it is a mobile game, it is not limited in any way. Go hunting anywhere in the world from Alaska to Zimbabwe with so many animals and hunting weapons to choose from. It has great graphics and is free to download.

The Hunt

You cannot go wrong with a game from Bass Pros Shop. The game is designed to mimic realism with some hunting sessions going on for hours just like in real life. It has locations limited to North America but offers great detail. You get up to 10 different settings and an adequate variety of specialist kits like eliminators, decoys among many more.​

Dinosaur Hunter

You may have gotten bored hunting birds, bucks, and old bears. Carnivores bring you Dinosaur Hunter, a game changer that may just be what you needed. Set up your hunts, choose the weapons to use, pick the time of day, targets and location to hunt. You have 18 different dinosaurs to hunt including the giant T-Rex. Nothing awakens the hunting instinct in you better than the Dinosaur Hunter. The game is available for mobile and PC.​

You no longer have to make do with the usual boring games when there are great hunting games. Some are available for PC while others can be played on mobile devices. Pick your hunting game and get on with it.

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